Monday, July 10, 2017

Quixotic Polish Swatches and Reviews: Cher's Favorite Sparkle and Inner Sparkle

Hi guys! It was yet another manic Monday after a nice weekend. My husband and I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming this weekend, and I really loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it. We also took Scraggles hiking again, and she is such a little adventurer! She hates going outside if it's raining (we call her Princess Paws), but she was walking through some streams with no issue. Tonight I have a new brand to the blog called Quixotic Polish. I joined the Facebook Group about a month ago, and Mary, the maker, had just released a new trio. Unfortunately this trio is no longer available, but I hope you're ok with me still showing them this week. On the bright side, the polishes I'm showing tonight are still for sale, and are even on sale right now! Shall we get to it?

Quixotic Polish Cher's Favorite Sparkle (3 coats)

Up first is Cher's Favorite Sparkle which is an interesting take on an ultra-chrome flake polish. It's an aqua turquoise flakie with small, holographic glitter and a metallic finish. I'm used to crelly finishes, so I was pleasantly surprised to see something different. The formula was slightly thicker than I prefer, but I didn't bother adding any thinner (but you totally can). 

Quixotic Polish Inner Sparkle (3 coats)

I'm sitting here swooning over Inner Sparkle! SWOONING! It's a multichrome that flashes teal/blue/purple/gold with silver holographic flakes. It almost has a luminescent or ethereal feeling. I had to build the color up, and it reached full opacity in 3 coats. Again, it was a little thicker than I prefer, but it wasn't cumbersome. 

What are your thoughts so far? I love both of these, and definitely recommend them to you if it fills a void in your collection. Cher's Favorite Sparkle is for sale for $7.50, and Inner Sparkle is $8.50 right now. Stop by the Quixotic Polish website, Facebook page, Facebook Group, or Instagram pages to find out more. 

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