Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tonic Nail Polish June 2018 Releases Swatch and Review: Jubilee (magnetic)

Tonic Nail Polish Jubilee (2 coats)

Hi guys! Magnetic multichrome polishes have been all the rage lately, and I'm just now jumping on the bandwagon. I've resisted all releases until Tonic came out with Jubilee, shown above. I tried my first Tonic polishes last year and I found the formula to be thicker than I preferred. They've had polishes that interested me, but I held off because of the formula. After I saw swatches from the Tonic June releases, I finally bit the bullet again. 

Jubilee has the same base pigment as Peacock Parade, a shade they released previously. It flashes blue/green/purple/pink/gold, depending on the angle. I had to purchase the magnet separately ($2) because this is the first magnetic polish I've used in several years. Applying Jubilee is different than other polishes. After your preferred basecoat, apply one coat and let dry for an extra minute. For the second coat, you'll need to work one nail at a time, applying one thicker coat, and then placing the magnet as close to the nail as possible for about 30 seconds. I left it over the nail as long as possible to get a good line. My nails are very curved, so I was curious how well the magnet would work. As you can see, it worked pretty well....except for the pinkie nail. For some reason the particles scattered a little more on that nail. As for the formula, I'm very happy to say that it was much easier to apply than my other Tonics. It's still slightly thick, but in a good way. I think there will be more Tonics in my future. 

This one is still available and retails for $13 without the magnet. I am so impressed with this one and it's such an eye magnet (pun intended). You can find out more information about Tonic on their websiteInstagram, and (their extremely popular) Facebook Group pages. 

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