Monday, February 11, 2019

Polish Pickup Mythology January 2019: Painted Polish Luna

Painted Polish Luna (2 coats)

Hi guys! I'm back with a Polish Pickup shade that I purchased back in January. Unfortunately this is no longer available, but you should definitely check out a few other Painted Polish flakie crellies like Squash and Sleet or Foliage and Flannel which are in the same vein. I really need to add these 2 to my collection because I'm a flakie addict. This is going to be short and sweet because you cant get this. You never know, Lexi may bring this back when they have Polish Pickup Rewind (which I'm assuming they'll do again since it was so popular). 

Luna is inspired by the Roman Moon Goddess and is a medium crelly base with tons of cobalt blue color-shifting flakes. Obviously the star of the show are those contrasting flakes. It applied like a dream in 2 coats, and I had no issues with the flakes sticking up on the nail at all. I wish I had this to show you before the Jan. PPU because I would have told you to instantly buy this polish. It had a cap of 400 bottles, and it sold out before the weekend was up. Yes, it was that popular. Head on over to the Painted Polish webpageInstagram, or Facebook pages for more information. 

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