Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Polish Pickup March 2019 Album Covers Swatches and Reviews

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Hi guys! For some reason I keep thinking today's Wednesday. I guess I'm just really excited for the March Polish Pickup to begin. This month I was given 3 polishes for review, and I figured it'd be easier to go ahead and post all of them in 1 post than to divide them up into multiple days. Let me know if you like it this way better, or if you want me to break the posts up. This month's inspiration is Album Covers which is something I was really excited to see. Everyone loves music, and I was interested to see what albums I should be checking out. PPU start this Friday at 11:00 AM ET and goes through 11:59 PM ET Monday night. Let's go ahead and take a look at this month's offering. 

Leesha's Lacquer Whatever (2 coats)

Inspiration: Whatever by Adore Delano 
Price: $10
Cap: 100 bottles

Up first is a new brand to the blog and that's Leesha's Lacquer. This is Whatever which is a black base with tons of aurora shimmer that shifts between red/orange/green with UCC flakes. Yes, it is this shifty in real life. I know the aurora shimmer is quite expensive, so this one is a really good deal. Even though it's a black base, you can't tell because of the shimmer and flakes. I used 2 thicker coats for this one, but you may need 3 if you use thin ones. The formula was smooth, and it dried with no texture. 

Noodles Nail Polish My Favorite Color is You (2 coats)

Inspiration: The Click by AJR 
Price: $12
Cap: 125 bottles

I really like AJR! I haven't listened to the whole album, but my jam is "Burn the House Down" which I hear on SiriusXM's Alt Nation. Noodles Nail Polish's My Favorite Color is You is a blackened indigo crelly base with violet/gold shimmer, rainbow flakies, copper/aqua/lavender glitters, and violet/green/gold color shifting flakes. In other words, this is full of rainbow glitter and flakies. I used 2 normal coats for my photos, and it applied easily. The glitter gives the polish some texture, so make sure to use a thicker topcoat to smooth it all out. 

Static Lacquer On Letting Go (2 coats)

Inspiration: On Letting Go by Circa Survive
Price: $12
Cap: 100 bottles (10 bottles for UK)

Static Lacquer's shade On Letting Go is a medium dusty blue base with teal shimmer, silver holographic flakes, and green to magenta UCC flakes. The queen of the holographic flakes strikes again! This one also applied flawlessly in just 2 coats and dried with no texture. 

All 3 of these are vastly different, and I love them all. One thing they have in common is flakies, and you know my feelings on those. The site goes live on March 1st and goes through March 4th, so you do have a few days to get your orders in. All of these have caps, so if you're interested in any of them, I wouldn't delay purchasing them just in case. You can learn more about PPU on their Facebook page and website

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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