Sunday, November 15, 2009

Belmont Garden

Quirius Belmont Garden (2 coats)

What a great green! This creamy color dried a little darker on the nail, and had smooth application in 2 coats. If you are looking to get a few of these, you may be in for a wait. Quirius is currently updating their system and will not be taking online orders until April of 2010. I will make sure to remind everyone when the time gets closer to their opening. The great thing about these polishes? The price! You can mix your own set of 6 polishes for $15!

Also, if you live near an Ulta, OPI, Essie, and Nicole polishes are on sale buy 2 get 1 free. Don't forget they have three winter Ulta exclusives from OPI!


jaljen said...

Wow. You really have swatched some interesting colours and formulas. They all look just a bit different and great!

cupper82 said...

Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying the swatching!