Saturday, November 7, 2009


Zoya Heidi (2 Coats)

Today is Heidi from Zoya. When I saw this one on the site, I thought it would be slightly more pink than it is. It ended up having a strong orange background, but it is overall a coral creme. This one was very pigmented, which made me happy because the application on this one was horrible! It was extremely thick, and there was no way I could apply more than 2 coats even if I wanted to (unless I wanted to add a lot of thinner). Since I didn't add thinner, I think the bad application made me dislike this polish more than it really deserves. This really is a nice coral color.

Tomorrow I will be starting a Week of Blues. Every day will feature a different blue polish with various shades/finishes. 


Lucy said...

Thin the darn polish out! Why dislike it when you can thin it?

cupper82 said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks for all of your comments! I've been on vacation and have only been online to post my pictures (I promise I wasn't ignoring you!). As for why I don't thin out polishes when I review them is because I want to give an honest post about application from the manufacturer. If I use the polish again I definitely thin it out. Honestly I dislike having to thin out polishes when it hasn't even been opened once. Hopefully that answers your question! I'm so happy you enjoy my blog and comment on the polishes!