Sunday, November 1, 2009


Zoya Pinta (2 Coats)

I've heard that Zoya's Pinta is very similar to OPI's Sapphire In The Snow. I don't own Sapphire in the Snow so you'll have to check out other blogs for that (may I recommend some of the blogs mentioned at the bottom of my blog?). Pinta is a very dark purple creme from the Dare Collection. There is a heavy hint of blue in this shade as well. As you can see it dries a little darker on the nail. Although it is dark, it never appears black, even in indoor light.

Since having this blog, I think I have gotten a lot better at applying polish. Changing colors every day will do that, I suppose! The reason I bring this up is because some of the polishes I've had problems applying seem to be easier now. I'm almost worried I'll say that application wasn't bad, but some of you will think I am crazy. Anyway, since Pinta is a dark one, application was slightly harder to work with.

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Lucy said...

I'm so glad I read that. Now I won't have to buy the OPI. Hope I remember it. Looks fantastic on you.