Friday, November 13, 2009


Zoya Tallulah (2 coats)

Zoya's Tallulah comes from their Ooh-La-La Collection and is a a really bright blue shimmer. The shimmer in this one is mostly blue with hints of green throughout. Overall this is a really nice blue, and I can see why it was one of their summer releases. Application was very smooth and mostly opaque in 2 coats which is always a plus in my book.

Yes, these are my new nubbins. My middle finger split really far down, and instead of silk wrapping I decided to just cut it down. I was also having some troubles with my nails peeling from swatching so much so I went to my local Marshall's store and found several of the Barielle nail treatments for $3.99! I've heard good things about these so hopefully they help.


Tuli said...

This color is beautiful and it looks so bright :-)

cupper82 said...

Thanks, I love this one as well!