Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Clueless

Unknown Icing (2 Coats)

Today starts Blue Week and we are starting off with a bang. Unfortunately I have no idea what this polish is called. I bought one of the sampler packs from Icing and not even one of them had a label :-( This one is absolutely gorgeous! It is a blue teal with slight green shimmer. The application was very slightly thick, and the brush is sort of weird. It wants to be like the OPI pro-wide brush, but it is not quite right. Overall I loved this color and it was very pigmented. If anyone knows the name, please let me know. Thanks!


Mary said...

I looked on Nailgal and see some similar, but not really sure if it's a match. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous on you!

cupper82 said...

I totally forgot to check out Nailgal first! Thanks for reminding me!

Lucy said...

That is a gorgeous shade on you. I can't help you with the name. I've never used this brand.