Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love & Beauty Polish: Mocha

Love & Beauty Mocha (3 coats)

I mentioned on my Facebook fan page (please join if interested in random ramblings) I wanted to get this polish from Forever 21. It looked like a really nice neutral taupe that would be really work appropriate, and since I had an important lunch with a leading aquatic virologist, I snatched this up. Mocha is a tan or taupe polish with very fine silver shimmer throughout. I got several compliments on this one, and a couple "I don't like it" comments. Don't worry, I don't take offense to the negative comments because when I go to school every day, the people in the lab come up to me and look at what I'm wearing. They can't all be gems (some just happen to look like gems :-D). Don't forget, everyone can sign up for our 2 polish giveaway for May! Find out more info here!

Another random fact about myself: I am obsessed with the game Bejeweled on Facebook. I can sit and play that game for too long. My friend Matt just got over 450,000 points this week! I hate him. :-P


Angie | said...

i am so obsessed with bejeweled as well xD hahaha the prime reason i'm ever on fb

Deb said...

I was at Forever21 looking at polish myself just yesterday!That's a nice neutral color. Just my style! By the way,you've got me hooked on that game,also! I just can't manage to rack up the points you guys do.