Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Summer 2010: Magens Bay Blue

Diamond Cosmetics Magens Bay Blue (2 coats)

Diamond Cosmetics was kind enough to send me their 3 polish collection for Summer 2010. I love how these are based on famous beaches and I would love to see even more of these released. Up first is Magens Bay Blue which totally brings out lobster hands for me. It is a teal creme with some green in it. I absolutely love this color, but when I first saw it, I thought I may have a dupe of it somewhere. I looked through my collection and I have no exact dupes of this one. And for $2.25, this one is definitely a keeper! It was extremely pigmented and needed only 2 polish for full coverage.

And from the name of this one, I just wanted to mention that I have actually been to Magens Bay which can be found in St. John's of the US Virgin islands. I would have to say of all the beaches and islands I've been to, this one is definitely in my top three easily. The views that can be seen are just breathtaking. This is a personal photo that I took from Magans Bay and I hope you enjoy it (please click the picture to make it full size...doesn't it look like a wallpaper?!)

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peripatetic33 said...

ok i is adding it to my list and after i can afford to buy all the BBs i want then i will place my first diamond order

cupper82 said...

Sounds great! There are several lovely colors to choose from. I just wanted to mention that I misquoted their prices and they are only $2.25, not $2.50. Even better, right?