Monday, May 10, 2010

Essie Fall 2009: Angora Cardi

Essie Angora Cardi (2 coats)

I only bought 1 polish from the Essie Fall 2009 collection (or perhaps I have another one...either way) and it's called Angora Cardi. It dried a little darker on my nail than the bottle color which was fine by me. The color of this creme was really interesting. It is a sort of deep dusty rose with hints of red and purple. I always love a polish that isn't easy to describe! The application was pretty good and only needed 2 coats. Overall, good job Essie! 

By the way, the video went fine today. I wore a light pink creme that matched pretty nicely with my outfit ( and I never match my nails to my clothes). Right now I am soooo sleepy so hopefully I'll be back to my long-winded self soon. Don't forget the May Giveaway that is going on until Friday so check the sidebar!


Unknown said...

nice color :)
ur nails beautiful!

Deb said...

Love that color and I'm glad the video went fine.Can't wait to hear all about it!