Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BB Couture Cantina Nights Collection: Grasshopper

BB Couture Grasshopper (3 coats)

Ok, I lied. Again. I said I was actively trying to get back on Eastern Standard Time, but in fact, I've been sticking with my Pacific Time zone pretty exclusively. I know, this makes me a really later riser. Basically my life will consist of writing papers/my dissertation for the next few months so I guess I won't really have any good stories of my life to include before I finally decide to start writing about the nail polish of the day. You know, the stuff most of you glaze over to get to the good stuff ;-) 

I've finally bought a few more BB Couture polishes! I absolutely love BB Couture, but with the slightly higher price range they have to be more of a luxury product for me. I have half of the Cantina Nights Collection to show you guys. Tonight is Grasshopper which is a lime green base with a fine shimmer of blue, gold and green. You guys know my feelings on shimmers, so you probably know what I'm going to say next. I love this one! BB Couture is really known for their greens, and this one doesn't disappoint. I love how they know how to include different colors of shimmer to really add depth to a polish. This one is slightly sheerer than most of my BB Couture polishes, and needed a full three coats for full coverage, but I had no issues with application whatsoever. What a great start to the collection! You can find BB Couture polishes from Kim at Overall Beauty. If you sign up for their newsletter you can often find some sale codes.


Hook Prism Power said...

Oh wow this is awesome! I haven't seen a lot of glittery greens around. I like this a lot!

Mona said...

Thinking of buying this... is it as bright as it seems? I'm having trouble choosing between this and Kelly´s Green of the same brand, I want a discrete dusty green that pops just a little bit. Argh! Can't decide..