Saturday, March 5, 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away Spring 2011 Collection: First Mate

China Glaze First Mate (2 coats)

I think the reason why this collection really speaks to me is because I am a huge fan of water and boats. I've been on several cruises (both for pleasure and for my dissertation work studying aquatic viruses) and have spent months out on the ocean. Seamen usually have a great sense of humor and First Mates are no exception. As for the polish, First Mate is a medium navy creme polish that is slightly darker on the nail than in the bottle. I like this one, but I don't see too many First Mates wearing this polish (although there are several female First Mates). It was extremely pigmented and only needed 2 coats with great application. 

On a different note, my husband has really gotten into the show Harriet's Law. Anyone else watch this?


Erika said...

Love that polish. I have my greedy eyes on it. And I will possess it. :D

I watch Harry's Law, I really enjoy it. It's a good show.

Deb said...

I love the color for the same reason you do and you know I'm crazy about Harry's Law!