Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Nail Thoughts

The picture above is a blooming Rosebud tree which are starting to pop up all over North Carolina right now, much to my pleasure (not so much to my husband because he has allergies). Today the temperature reached 80 degrees and I had the day off work so I was in heaven. I decided to stop by Target because I had a $1 off coupon for Sally Hansen products and I decided I needed to try the Instant Cuticle Remover that claims to dissolve cuticles in 15 seconds. I tried it tonight, and I must say that my cuticles look much better already. After the discount I only paid $3 which was money well spent.

Since a Sally's Beauty Supply was right across the street, I couldn't resist stopping by. Upon entering the store, what is that I see? Why, it is a display for the China Glaze Tronica (the mostly Sally exclusive) collection! For the past few months I told myself I didn't need them, but since they were right in front of me, I couldn't resist. I bought Electra Magenta and Hi Def which are pink/purple and blue, respectively. From working in the cafe, my nails have been brittle and full of peels so I also bought the Nail Life Nail Revitalizer (without formaldehyde) and American Classics Gelous nail gel which have gotten rave reviews on the nail board. I've only used them once, so I will report back with any positive or negative results.

And finally, a product that I've been loving lately is Essie's Good to Go! quick dry topcoat. It may not dry quite as fast as Seche Vite or Poshe, but I really like the smooth finish and thicker coverage which helps deter chips from forming. At $10, it is a bit pricey, but I bought it with the Ulta $3.50 off $10 coupon.  So in the end it only put me back $7.50. Anyway, I know people are always looking for a good topcoat, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

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tiffyama said...

Such pretty flowers! I haven't gotten around lately since the weather's but so wet and rainy here...I'm hoping flowers are blooming in my area too, but I'm not sure. heh.

Oh man~ the tronica ones? WANT. I think I need to pay a visit to Sally's...I still haven't gone. Awesome.