Monday, March 28, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego Keep It Undercover Collection: Ulterior Motive

Color Club Ulterior Motive (3 coats)

Man, today was a rough day. My personal e-mail just got hacked today and spam was sent to my address lists :-( Thank goodness gmail found the suspicious e-mails pretty quickly so it could have been worse. Anyway, I just want the day to be over with. Today is the last of the Color Club swatches from the Alter Ego collection. Ulterior Motive is a pink polish with lots of pink and purple shimmer throughout. I'm also a fan of this one, and received several compliments from customers from work. Like the entire collection, it was pretty sheer, needing at least 3 coats overall. I only bought the ones that interested me at least slightly, so I don't feel like it was the most successful of Color Club collections. While some are nice, I feel like they have been going a bit downhill lately, at least compared to some of their older collections. What do you think? Do you agree?


Unknown said...

i agree about the polishes being thin.i do like them i found that using a similar darker color first solved it. but really color club come correct next time more pigment!!

Soraya said...

this is sooo prettyy!

and I agree.. I think that Color Club has seen better days..


Erika said...

I haven't bought any of these new collections yet so I can't say. But that colour sure is pretty. :D

That e-mail spammer takeover thing happened to a friend of mine, recently. These people who do this crap need to be tracked down and hung up by their toenails. Gah!