Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Club Fall 2011 Foiled Collection: Foil Me Once

Color Club Foil Me Once (2 coats)

Clipsy cat is home with a shaved leg and kitty belly. She will have to be on a special diet from now on, but I'm so glad we caught the stones and she will get better. Anyone else have a cat who had bladder stones? 

It's been awhile since I've posted about the Color Club Foiled Collection, but hopefully you remember how awesome these are. The collection has 2 different pink colors, with Foil Me Once (cute name!) being the softer color and Hot Like Lava being the hot pink one. While Foil Me Once is nice, I think I prefer the boldness of Hot Like Lava better. The whole collection applied like a dream and only needed 2 coats for full opacity. 

Time for Criminal Minds soon, and boy do I love me some Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler). Who is your favorite character? 


Sandi said...

It's so hard when our little hairy people are sick.If we could just tell them why we were doing those seemingly horrid things to them...glad she's almost back to 100%

SusieL said...

I'm glad Clipsy is recovering well! My kitty doesn't have bladder stones but she has had some unusual health issues. When I lived in Cary I took her to Morrisville Cat Hospital - Drs. Simpson and Tarigo are both excellent and took great care of her.