Monday, October 10, 2011

Color Club Fall 2011 Foiled Collection: Lumin-Icent

Color Club Lumin-Icent (2 coats)

Woo, I got a new computer! It's so fast and shiny compared to my old one. One not fun thing about getting a new computer is that you have to download all of your programs over. Right now I am downloading the Adobe Suite which takes forever to download. I figured that since I have the time, I'd post the final color from the Foiled Collection called Lumin-Icent which is an icy-blue foil. It's such a light blue that sometimes it almost looks gray. I really like this one a lot, what do you think? 


Pretty said...

yummny this is so shiny!

Claire and Ashley said...

I can't see the blueness of it...but I like it! Hooray for new computers!-Ashley

Anonymous said...

This is SO pretty!