Saturday, October 29, 2011

Revlon: Starry Pink

Revlon Starry Pink (3 coats)

I am so stuffed full of Mexican food right and that's alright by me. Today was pretty productive; we spent the day driving the Hyundai Accent (no, I haven't gotten a car yet), shopping for my trip to Cambodia and eating some great food. Of course I had to stop by Ulta to see if there were any new polishes out, but nope. I did, however, find this little gem while there a week ago. I've heard a lot about the Deborah Lippmann dupe for Bad Romance, but they were out of it at Ulta. When I was Walgreens earlier this week, they had a full display of the new Revlon glitters. Since I already have the Deborah Lippmann one, I didn't bother with the Revlon ones. I would definitely recommend Facets of Fuchsia to those who didn't get to pick up Bad Romance. Oh, Starry Pink is so gorgeous and I don't have anything like this in my collection. It contains large, silver hexagonal glitter with smaller silver glitter throughout suspended in a light pink base. If you don't own it, I would definitely recommend that you stop at your local drugstore to pick up this beauty. It was also more opaque that I thought because it barely needed 3 coats. 


Anonymous said...

Every time I look for this polish it's sold out :( I NEED to find it!

Unknown said...

I want this polish starry pink sooooooooo much!

beachgal said...

I think Starry Pink is pretty and unique to my pretty big stash too. I have Bad Romance and I think the Fuchsia Facets is much better oddly. It does not have as much of that thin black base as BR - and FF has hex and round shapes of the fuchsia glitter in different sizes which BR does not have. Oddly Blue Mosaic in that same Revlon collection is super similar to the blue glitter in the OPI Muppets collection! I keep seeing that on my swatch sheets and my nail wheel inventory...yet not seeing anyone mentioning it in the blogs I try and follow - but I have been busy running around to hospitals of late and not up to date as usually am on reading blogs.