Saturday, October 15, 2011

Butter London Fall 2011: Toff

Butter London Toff (2 coats)

So I was in a really bad car accident on the highway coming home from work and I've been recuperating all day. I'm ok despite having lots of bumps, bruises and aches. My car, on the other hand, is pretty much totaled :-( I am just going to show a new Butter London polish called Toff. I really liked it, but I don't really feel like saying much more more tonight. I hope you guys can understand. I hope your weekend started better than mine. 


DesertNails8 said...

I am so glad you're alive and well.

Pretty said...

omy gosh. So scary. I hope you are okay! well you nails are cute. lol. but take care. I know how terrifying car accidents. i wouldn't even be blogging.

SusieL said...

Oh no, how scary! I'm glad you're OK.

Sara said...

That's scary! I'm glad you're okay. I hope you feel better soon.