Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finger paints: Art Dealer Teal-er

Finger Paints Art Dealer Teal-er (2 coats)

There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get through all the tv I missed while I was gone. Unfortunately my DVR decided to delete a large portion of saved shows a few days after I came home for absolutely no reason. No, it wasn't too full or anything either. Grr, Time Warner and your faulty equipment! 

Art Dealer Teal-er is the last Finger Paints polish I have to show you. I absolutely adore this teal shimmer which leans a bit turquoise. I believe this is a part of their core collection and can be found at your local Sally Beauty Supply. The application and formula was amazing like most Finger Paints colors. 


Unknown said...

So pretty! Welcome back...right now I am digging the new sations @ nailsuppliesus..great formula & brushes..just thought I would say this to you knowing you like a decent bottle of polish..Grat mani and keep up the great work

polishloving said...

Gorgeous colour, would love to try finger paints