Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Rock of Ages Collection: Rock 'n Roar

Sally Hansen Rock 'n Roar

Blarg, I'm driving back to Knoxville to finish my science work. I just hate when you have unattainable expectations on how long something will take and you're way off. I thought I was going to get my samples done in a couple days, but it's going to take at least double that. Oops! Anyway, I'll still be posting, but you may not get the most exciting posts. Sorry! Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway. I'll still be announcing the winner this weekend, so go ahead and enter now!

Rock 'n Roar is a cheetah (or is it leopard?) print design with black, gold and silver. It makes quite a statement and I received many compliments on it. I always have at least 6 strips left over, one being the huge thumb one, and my husband decided to put these on this thumbs. They actually fit quite nicely, and he received tons of, "Let me see your thumbs. Why do you have that on?" A lot of people don't respond so well with a guy with polish on, which is a shame. Good thing my husband doesn't care and will rock it if he feels like it.

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The Beauty and The Business said...

I love these!! I just bought a pair for myself, I am in love with these nail strips!

beachgal said...

I love this one. I was not a huge fan of a lot of the patterns from SH because they were too uniform in the patterns. But this new collection has some difference in each strip. So I am going to be picking up some of these and hope that SH keeps this collection (or parts of it) in their classic line up they carry all the time in this line of nail apps.