Monday, June 4, 2012

Fingerpaints Gumdrops & Lollipops Spring 2012 Collection: Lemon Sour

Fingerpaints Lemon Sour (3 coats)

Happy Monday! I'm just now finally getting back into the swing of things (stupid jet lag!). I had to cut my nails off during my trip so I'm trying to let them grow out a bit. I still have a backlog of photos I'm going through so you'll see my short nubbins eventually. 

Lemon Sour is a light yellow creme that was perfect for Spring. I'd have to say I get the most comments about my nails when I wear yellow since it is a rare color for most of the population to wear. While I love yellow, I hate about 95% of the formulas of yellow polishes. Lemon Sour by far isn't the worst yellow polish I've worked with, but it still has a bit of streakiness you always get. Please ignore the bubbles in the pictures....I was testing the latest Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat (in the black bottle) and I could never get it to stop bubbling up my polishes. 

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polishloving said...

I love it :) though I need to find a yellow that has a good application. Cute name too :)