Sunday, June 10, 2012

Icing Magnetic Polishes: Pink

Icing Magnetic Pink (2 coats)

So how was your weekend? Mine was good, I went to that wedding in Virginia and it was beautiful. It was so nice to see my old friends from Tennessee. I went to Ulta today to see if there was anything I needed, and I came out empty handed. We're in that between season stage where a lot of the summer collections have already been released and not many things have come out. I did see the fun Orly glitters, but they want $10 for those. Who are you kidding? The next collection I'm excited to see is that China Glaze Safari collection that should be out soon. What are you most looking forward to?

Icing doesn't have a name for this one, so I'm calling it Magnetic Pink. I know, I'm boring, but I'm not getting paid to make up names like Icing should be. It was a bit sheerer than the previous one I've tried, so I ended up using a second coat. With these you have to be extra careful not to ding your nails with the magnet. I had to redo 1 or 2 nails because I got too close to the magnet. I like the pink shimmer and I really like the chevron pattern on the nail. These retail for around $9, but Icing is always having a sale on their products so keep an eye on that. 

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