Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FingerPaints Spring 2013 Wild About Spring Swatch: Owlin' at the Moon

FingerPaints Owlin' at the Moon (1ish coat) over 2 coats Jessica Cosmetics Velvet & Pearls

I am going to trivia for the first time in weeks (although I did go 1 time last month for my husband's birthday). Wish us luck! It seems that the team has been doing great without me, so I doubt I even need to go. :-P

I picked up FingerPaints Owlin' at the Moon for $1 at one of Sally's Beauty Supply sales. I'm not really into shard flake glitters, but I figured I'd give it a chance for a buck. Well, I think it looks best over black, which is shown above. The green is almost transparent and doesn't translate well over other colors. Oh, and of course not all of the shards sit properly, so you have to put some Gelous and thick topcoat over this so it doesn't poke you.  And then there's the application which forces you to dab the shards on which can get tedious. Ok, it sounds like I really hate this one, but I don't; the effect is cool in the end, but there's a lot of trial and error with it. 

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Deb said...

Love the nails. Good luck tonight!