Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pahlish Voyage to the East Collection Swatch: Yu Lan Festival

Pahlish Yu Lan Festival (2 coats)

*press sample*

I tried Pahlish, a popular indie brand, awhile back and enjoyed the polishes I received. I haven't bought many indie brands lately because the ones I want are usually out of stock, or there are a million collections and I can't keep up. The great thing about Pahlish is that Shannon restocks every Friday evening at 7 PM central time at www.pahlish.com and you can find some at Llarowe.

I have 2 polishes to show, the first being Yu Lan Festival which is in between an olive and grassy green color with tiny pink flakes and purple shimmer. The shimmer and flakes are not in your face, so other people will see mostly the green, but you can enjoy the other additives that make it so special. The formula and application were perfect in only 2 coats. The cost is $9 which may turn a few of you away, but these are hand made polishes that are not made in big factories to bring prices down, so I can understand the cost. Overall, this is a beautiful color with a little something extra.

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