Thursday, October 17, 2013

OPI Designer Series 2013 Swatches: Lapis and Pewter

OPI DS Lapis (2 coats-no topcoat)

OPI DS Lapis (2 coats-with topcoat)

OPI has 2 new Designer Series polishes for 2013 and they are based on stone. Up first is Lapis which is for the stone lapis lazuli and is a sapphire blue color with blue and silver fine glitter. It is very opaque and dried to a matte finish very quickly. The glitter didn't give it a rough texture really, but I thought it looked much better with topcoat. Just look how gorgeous it is! I wouldn't call the matte version a textured polish because it is fairly smooth for that. I had no application issues at all. 

OPI DS Pewter (2 coats-no topcoat)

OPI DS Pewter (2 coats-with topcoat)

Weird, but I like Pewter with and without topcoat. It's definitely chunkier than Lapis with the larger silver hexagonal glitter, and it's a topcoat eater. It also doesn't really remind me of pewter, the rock. I usually think of grey and not black with silver accents, but maybe that's just me. Maybe the background color is just a really, really dary grey. To me, it looks a lot like Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj collection. The formula and application were also flawless with this one. In the end, I would definitely recommend Lapis over Pewter. Oh, and these suckers are expensive since they are DS polishes and will set you back a whopping $12.50. Eek!