Sunday, January 5, 2014

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely Collection Swatch: Neely and Fall 2013 Satin Collection Swatch: Maria Luisa

Zoya Neely (2 coats)

Zoya Maria Luisa (1 coat) over 2 coats Neely

Today's post is going to be a 2 for 1 deal since I've put Maria Luisa over several polishes and I just so happen to be posting Neely today. Don't forget the Zoya sale that starts on Tuesday! From the Lovely collection comes Neely which is a light mint green creme that is perfect for spring with that whole pastel thing and all. I like it, but it looks a bit similar to other mint greens, albeit a bit lighter (since this is old, you can find some comparisons, but most people say Neely is the best of them all). The formula was surprisingly great with no streaking or balding in 2 coats. 

Maria Luisa is the odd man out in the Satin Collection (and for Zoya, period) and is a gold flake polish. Who needs real 14k gold when you can get a $9 (or free) bottle and still looks like gold? I know it's not the same, but if you're on a budget, pick this one up because it looks great over everything. Over the next couple days I'll be showing you it over some darker colors, and it looks just as nice. It is really flake dense and 1 coat is more than enough. The consistency was perfect as well. I recommend this one for the sale if you don't have it. 

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