Friday, January 31, 2014

Pahlish Doctor Who All of Time and Space 2013 Collection Swatches: Bad Wolf and Not So Married!

Pahlish Bad Wolf (2 coats)

Pahlish Not So Married! (2 coats)

And so the Doctor Who All of Time and Space collection comes to a close :( No worries, hopefully I'll be buying the February collection from them. Up first is Bad Wolf. Do you ever wear a polish hoping it will give you good luck? Well, I wore this one for a special occasion and it did not go well. Yes, I'm being vague for a reason. Anyway, it's weird that it affects the way I feel about the polish. Bad Wolf is a pinkish taupe with purple and gold flakes and shimmer. It's very pretty, but I still feel let down. I know this doesn't make sense, but I'm sorry. The formula and application was wonderful. 

Not So Married is such a complex polish. You have to give it a double take to figure out all that is going on in it. It's a blackened jelly with reddish purple shimmer and gold flakes. Some angles it even looks like it has a little green going on. I think this one is a must buy. It just so happens to still be in stock at the Pahlish store. They run $9 which isn't bad at all based on some other indie polishes. Shannon restocks every Friday evening if something you're wanting is out of stock. 

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