Saturday, January 11, 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust Polish Collection Swatches: The Statement Piece and Hidden Gems

L'Oreal The Statement Piece (2 coats)

L'Oreal Hidden Gems (2 coats)

Have you seen the 9 new Colour Riche Gold Dust polishes from L'Oreal at your local drugstore? At first they were a little hard to find, but I know you can find them all over because I believe they are permanent (at least that's what I heard since they have been found in the core line at stores....but don't quote me on that). I bought only 2 of these, despite wanting all of them! The problem I have with these is the price. I paid about $6.99 at Walmart. Yeah, that's a lot of money for a drugstore polish, especially since it's only a couple dollars more than "professional" brands like OPI or Zoya. With that said, these polishes are beautiful. 

Up first is The Statement Piece which would have been nice to show before Christmas (sorry, I just couldn't fit it in!) and is a gold matte textured polish with gold glitter. If you want bling on your nails, this one is for you! The formula was perfect and dried very quickly with only 2 coats. 

I like The Statement Piece, but I really think Hidden Gems is the standout here. Just look at this blackened teal with some silver glitter. You can see some purple in the bottle, but unfortunately it doesn't make it to the nail. Doesn't matter because I have nothing like this and is hands down a polish you should get for this winter. The application and dry time was just like The Statement Piece. 

Overall, I really want more of these, but I think I will wait for a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale to get them. What do you think? Are you sick of textured polishes yet? 

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Unknown said...

I thought I was sick of textured polishes but these are really gorgeous. I haven't bought anything L'Oreal in so long but these are calling to me.