Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zoya Spam Swatches: Ki and Julie

Zoya Ki (2 coats)

Zoya Julie (3 coats)

I have no idea how I didn't know about Zoya's Ki. I guess because it wasn't part of a collection, it sort of fell to the wayside on my radar. Luckily my aunt was on the ball and got this beauty for me for Christmas. It's a purple and green duochrome that has great application and formula in 2 coats. It reminds me of Zoya's Adina, which it is not a dupe of. I love duochromes, so you know I love this one.

The next polish is Julie from the Spring 2013 Lovely Collection. At first I was "meh" about the collection, and it somehow just grew on me. There's something about the beautiful shimmer in this lilac purple polish that just draws me in. Apparently Zoya calls this a "wisteria purple," but I'm being nice calling it lilac. I don't think Julie deserves to be called an invasive species. The formula was ok. I found it needed 3 coats, but others have been able to do it in 2. 

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