Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pahlish Doctor Who All of Time and Space 2013 Collection Swatches: Mad Man With a Box and The Ghost Shift

Pahlish Mad Man With a Box (2 coats)

Pahlish The Ghost Shift (2 coats)

I love Doctor Who. If you don't watch it, I recommend that you do because it's pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi), but David Tennant will always be my Doctor. This year is the 50th anniversary for the show (isn't that incredible?) so you have seen several indie brands have special collections for it. Pahlish is one of those companies and I bought all of them (this is part 1 out of 2 parts which will come out next month). Up first is Mad Man With a Box which is the color of The Doctor's TARDIS (which looks like a phone booth). It's a deep blue glitter with small amounts of green and gold glitter flakes. I love this one, but I have never had as much staining of my nails and cuticles in my life. I'm serious and that makes me sad. If that weren't the case, it'd be a top contender for my favorite. On the bright side, the application was great with 2 coats. 

The Ghost Shift is a deep grey holo. There's really not a ton of things to say about this one; it's pretty, but it's not anything I haven't seen before. It also had really great formula and application with a strong holo finish. 

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Anonymous said...

I really like The ghost Shift. I have a ton of blue glitters but nothing like that one. Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet holo!

Although I enjoy the differences all the doctors have brought to the role, David Tennant is my favorite also. He's a perfect Ten.