Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sation Class of Sation 2012 Collection Swatch: Chatty Catty

Sation Chatty Catty (2 coats)

I can't believe I've never reviewed a Sation polish before! I bought one of their polishes in the old bottle, and I didn't even bother swatching it. Boy, did they step up their game with a host of new polishes and a new and improved bottle which is more of an oval shape. The color I have today is a bit older, but it's a gorgeous neon coral color. In some lights it is more pink, but in others it definitely has orange tones. Since it is neon, it dries down satin so I used a topcoat for the pictures. The formula and application was just fine (I was expecting it to be sheer, but it is a nice creme) and only needed 2 coats. You can find the new bottles and collections at Transdesign and they will set you back $4.50 each. If you want the old polishes, you can still get those for only $1.69! 

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Anonymous said...

Terrific color! Your swatches are so pretty.