Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zoya Roasty Toasty Dream Box Swatch: Timo

Zoya Timo (2 coats)

Whoa, look at this dark navy blue creme! It's so dark that it was making my camera go crazy and to get the color right, I had to have vampire hands. Sorry about that! I'd rather have really white hands with the correct polish color than vice versa. As you can see, it dries darker on the nail than the bottle color. I think this was a Fashion Week color for Timo Weiland because it's not on the website anymore (besides in this trio). Has anyone else tried this out? This one is very pretty and extremely shiny. It also had superb formula and application in only 2 coats. Well, that's it for the Roasty Toasty Dream Box. The good news is that this trio is still on sale, so if you really want Timo, go ahead and get this set on the Zoya website

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