Sunday, February 16, 2014

OPI Spring 2014 Brazil Collection Swatches: Live.Love.Carnaval and OPI Scores a Goal!

 OPI Live.Love.Carnaval (2 coats)

OPI Scores a Goal! (2 coats)

If you are interested in seeing some of my swatches before I blog them, check out my Instagram and Twitter pages for previews (they're both @rightonthenail). Unlike some people, I don't post like crazy, and you get to see some polishes (and maybe a couple cats once in awhile...I know, I can't help myself). Do you love nails and post nail stuff? If so, let me know so I can follow you!

I have 3 more polishes from the Brazil collection to show you (again, I skipped the less unique or neutral colors, despite thinking they looked great as well). The two that I have today are very different, but lovely nonetheless. Up first is Live.Love.Carnaval which is a name that I actually don't hate! Hooray! That has to be a first. It's a coral creme that leans more red than the other corals in the collection. I really liked this one, and I found that many others did, too. The second polish I have to show is an interesting raisin red/brown creme that is so weird. So weird and I love it so much! It looked more brown on my darker-skinned friend, while it looked more raisin color on me. This is one that either you love it or hate it, but I think it's interesting. Both had perfect application and formula which only needed 2 coats. 

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