Friday, April 25, 2014

Nail Pattern Boldness Time Traveler Collection Swatches and Review: Oodiful

Nail Pattern Boldness Oodiful (2 coats)

I'm still sick-still! I went to the doctor and they basically have no idea what I have so they gave me antibiotics for tick diseases. I doubt I've had any tick bites without me knowing since I don't live or work near woods or grasses. Oh well, if it's not better by Monday, I have to go get blood work done. 

I haven't been bashful in announcing my love for Doctor Who. It just so happens to be that the Ood are my favorite characters! They look like this:

I Can't Stress Enough How Highly I Rate The Ood Costumes

As soon as I found that Nail Pattern Baldness had a polish named after them, I knew I had to have it. Luckily I liked the color as well. It's a medium grey crelly with large and small white hexagonal glitter and large and small pink square glitter. I thought it was going to be sheer, but it only needed 2 easy coats! I do wish it had a bit more glitter in there; otherwise, I think it's perfect. You can find Nail Pattern Baldness in their store, their Etsy store and stores likes Llarowe. Find out news and updates on their Facebook page as well. 

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Unknown said...

This polish looks AMAZING on you! It's incredibly photogenic too, isn't it. Great pics!