Saturday, March 21, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ LeChat Dare To Wear Swatches and Review: Kiss the Rain

Dare to Wear Kiss the Rain (3 coats)

Don't forget, my giveaway ends soon, so get your entries in! Over the past year I've become a huge fan of LeChat Dare to Wear polishes. They are also very popular for their gels, but I don't often wear many polishes and so little time! While I was in my local nail supply store, I noticed a few polishes with a scattered holographic finish. Yup, a brand with a holographic finish from a larger company. Did I mention that these were only $2.50? Woot! Transdesign also has them and will only set you back $3. Kiss the Rain is a light blue with grey undertones. The formula was a bit thin and needed 3 coats. This is totally worth it if you can find it! 

In other good news, I may be getting a new camera. That will probably mean a new learning curve in terms of my swatches. Hopefully they will just keep getting bigger and better! Happy Saturday!

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