Monday, September 21, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ LynBDesigns Summer 2015 The Vocab Collection Swatches and Reviews: Yas and Thirsty


 Hi guys, don't forget that my giveaway ends at midnight tonight! If you haven't entered, you still have a chance. I'm really excited that Dancing With the Stars is on tonight. I'm actually not really excited about the lineup this season, but that never stops me from watching. I think Scream Queen starts tomorrow so I'll give that a chance, too. Anyway, I must confess that the polishes I'm showing tonight aren't for sale right now. I'm so sorry, but I had no idea that they might be limited edition. They come from the Summer 2015 Vocab Collection that features extreme neon colors. Follow me after the break for more pictures and my thoughts.

LynBDesigns Yas (3 coats)

LynBDesigns Thirsty (3 coats)

Whoa, just look how bright these are! Somehow they are even brighter in real life because you know how cameras can go crazy with these neon polishes. Up first is Yas which is a neon green apple crelly. I found this one was a bit more jelly than a crelly. Unfortunately I had some issues with the formula being extremely sticky and thick which required some nail polish thinner. Despite this problem, I got a ton of compliments on it. If you have long nails, you may need to use a white base coat to cover nail lines. I found that Thirsty was a bit more opaque and fully covered in 3 coats. It's a neon orange with yellow undertones (it reminds me of a crazy neon Tennessee Vol orange) that you can see from a mile away. I had the same issues with Thirsty as I did with Yas so have your thinner handy.

LynBDesigns often has amazing sales so I usually wait and stock up during those times. Her polishes normally run around $8 unless it is a holo polish. You can find more on her Etsy store, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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