Monday, September 28, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Rainbow Honey Swatches and Review: Crimson Nebula and Neon Yoshimi

Hi guys! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but my parents were around so I decided to just take another day off and start out the week with a post instead. It's been so dreary and rainy here lately. The best part? It's supposed to rain all week. Blah. The only bright part of my day has been painting my nails. Check out some swatches of recently released Rainbow Honey polishes after the break.

Rainbow Honey Crimson Nebula (3 coats)

Rainbow Honey Neon Yoshimi (1 coat over green)

The first polish is called Crimson Nebula which at first made me think of the new movie Crimson Peak with Tom Hiddleston (LOKI!). I happen to like thriller/horror movies, but my husband hates them so I may have to watch this alone. Ok, so Crimson Nebula is a bright cherry red jelly with a sprinkling of holographic glitter. This isn't your normal linear holo, but more of a scattered one with larger glitter particles. It was a bit sheer because it's a jelly, but it mostly covered in 3 coats. If you use a red base, you'll get rid of the nail lines, but you'll also lose the squishiness.

The second polish is a glitter topper that reminds me of Halloween despite the very non-Halloween coloration. It's full of lime green, pink, black and white glitter in hexagonal, square, and bar shapes. It isn't really glitter dense which is part of  the reason why I got some bubbles. If I would have used a second coat, the bubbles would have just gotten worse. I like, but wish it had more glitter.

The Rainbow Honey mystery bags retail for $10 for the mini and $25 for the large size. You can find out more information on their websiteTwitterInstagram, or Facebook pages.

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