Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Sally Hansen Fall 2015 Xtreme Wear Collection Swatches and Reviews: Boho Blue, Gypsy Jade, and Strike Gold

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 Hello hello! If you haven't signed up for my giveaway yet, you still have plenty of time. Since there are 3 winners, your chances of winning is much higher. Anyone watch Dancing with the Stars this week? There are some train wrecks and I can't look away. Tonight I have 3 polishes from the brand new fall Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection. Let's see what we're working with after the break.

Sally Hansen Boho Blue (3 coats)

Some people thought that Boho Blue might be a dupe of the original Pacific Blue, but unfortunately it isn't. It looks more the the new Pacific Blue than the old. Boho is a royal blue jelly that is quite squishy looking. It's really sheer, but mostly built up to full coverage in 3 coats. 

Sally Hansen Gypsy Jade (3 coats)

Gypsy Jade is a medium jade green shimmer. In some lights it looks a little frosty to me so it's not my favorite. I think if the finish was light Boho Blue I would have liked it much better. This one was also sheer and a little patchy on the first coat. Pictures show 3 coats. 

Sally Hansen Strike Gold (2 coats) over Gypsy Jade (3 coats)

I inadvertently left the best for last. Stike Gold is a gold flake/glitter topper that reminds me of some of the 14/24k gold flake polishes that came out a few years ago. This one looks quite luxurious on the nail and is well worth the price tag. It was easier to apply than most straight glitter polishes and I could mostly apply regular strokes instead of having to dab it on. Also, I found that I had no problems with bubbling.

Sally Hansen products are sold at your local Ulta, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS stores. The Hard as Nails line usually retails for around $3, but keep an eye out for weekly sales. You can find more about Sally Hansen on their TwitterFacebook, and Instagram pages.

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