Friday, November 13, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ KBShimmer Fall 2015 Collection Swatches and Reviews: I've Seen Sweater Days and Open Toad Shoes

Happy Friday! I leave for Minneapolis tomorrow and I have the usual airport jitters. I guess it is just the stress of getting there on time, fretting about not forgetting something, and the conference I'm going to. Luckily I have no issues with flying itself. Anyway, I am trying to spend some time tonight setting up some drafts so you guys have something pretty to look at while I'm away. I've Seen Sweater Days and Open Toad Shoes are the final 2 KBShimmer polishes I have to show you, so follow me after the break for more swatches.

KBShimmer I've Seen Sweater Days (3 coats)

This is a surprising color for a fall collection, right? I've Seen Sweater Days (fun name!) is a light aqua blue crelly with navy, green, and silver glitter in multiple sizes. It was a bit sheer on the first coat, but was fully opaque in 3 coats. You will need to make sure and use thin coats; luckily the glitter doesn't go everywhere on the nail. It's a really lovely polish!

KBShimmer Open Toad Shoes (3 coats)

Some of you may be thinking that this is an ugly polish. It's definitely a polarizing color, but I happen to love Open Toad Shoes. It's a dusty olive green crelly with purple, gold, and blue glitter in multiple sizes. This one may be my favorite of the collection! The formula and application were exactly the same as I've Seen Sweater Days.

You can buy most KBShimmer polishes for $8.75 and their Winter 2015 collection was just released at the beginning of November.  Make sure to check them out on their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more information.

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