Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Rainbow Honey Cosmetics Mystery Bag Nail Polish Swatches and Reviews

Hi guys! I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Two of my cats (I have 3) went to the vet today and they are in good health. They are 10 years old and it shocks me every time I think about it. Mr. Nose is the biggest ham and loves going to the vet because he loves the extra attention. They ended up taking pictures of him to put on their Facebook page...he's that much of a goofball. In nail polish news, I just recently stopped my Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag subscription. It is definitely one I would go back to as soon as I pare down on some of my untrieds. Some of these colors are older, but I'm pretty sure they are still available. Let's get started, shall we?

Rainbow Honey Juicy Orange Pop (1 coat over orange base)

I really wish Juicy Orange Pop could be opaque on its own. It's an extremely bright orange jelly with pink flakes. It's so sad that the flakes are so hidden in the pictures because you can see them in real life. If you don't mind sheer colors, then this is for you. 

Rainbow Honey Modern Hearts (2 coats over pink base)

Modern Hearts is a glitter topper with peach, white, and pink glitter with blue shimmer. This was extremely glitter dense, and it wasn't hard getting the hearts and other larger glitter pieces out. I found that the dabbing method was the easiest way to apply this one. You can see that there were lots of bubbles, but photos just enhance any imperfections you may have (unless someone put my hand right in their face they would never see the bubbles). 

Rainbow Honey Woland (2 coats over beige base)

Woland is a really interesting polish. It has tons of light purple flakes with a few black hexagonal and square glitters in a clear base. I was hoping that this could be used on its own, but it just wasn't in the cards. You can use regular brush strokes with this color and the formula was great.

The Rainbow Honey mystery bags retail for $10 for the mini and $25 for the large size. You can find out more information on their websiteTwitterInstagram, or Facebook pages.

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