Friday, December 4, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Julep Maven Nail Polish Reviews and Swatches Part II

Hi guys! It's finally Friday! Scraggles is doing much better now, thank goodness. I'm almost finished with the second season of the Great British Baking Show on PBS and I am smitten. It is such a great show. No spoilers, but I want Tamal to win. Anyway, tonight I have the final 3 polishes from the Julep Maven boxes to show you. Let's go, shall we?

Julep Manda (3 coats)

Manda is a light baby blue with lots of gold shimmer. The shimmer isn't in-your-face, but it is definitely noticeable. I actually quite like it. It was a bit sheer (needing 3 coats), but wasn't streaky like I was expecting. 

Julep Mara (2 coats)

Wait, where did my third picture of Mara go? Yeah, I have no idea either. It's what Julep calls a stardust finish which means it is a textured polish. Unlike other textured polishes, Mara didn't finish matte, but maybe more satin? It's a magenta color with silver glitter. I dunno, this isn't my favorite. It ends up just looking really lumpy. Fortunately the formula and application was perfect with this one. 

Julep Polly (3 coats)

And lastly we have Polly which is a bright pink shimmer. I love my pinks, but it's not the most unique color in the world. The formula was a little sheer, but I've had much worse from Julep.

I recently suspended my Julep Maven subscription because I just have too many polishes I still need to swatch. I think Julep polishes are extremely overpriced if you buy they at retail price. If you are interested in any Julep colors, I would recommend just signing up for the Maven box and skipping each month until you find something you're interested in. They will also give you lots of opportunities for discounted mystery bags and special sales.

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Ashley Wiseman-Clevenger said...

That's what I do as well. I skip LOTS of boxes because I have too much or the colors are just ehh for that month. I love your blog and come here before amy nail purchase to see swatches. 💓💓💓