Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Right on the Nail ~ Philly Loves Lacquer Mystery Trio: Single Bottle Prototypes

Hi guys! I know I've been a terrible blogger this past week. With all of the traveling, baking, and wrapping presents, I didn't have the time for blogging. I had a great Christmas, and my parents will be coming in to town tomorrow to celebrate with them. I hope you had a fun and safe holiday season as well. Tonight I have a mystery trio from Philly Loves Lacquer that I've been been sitting on since Halloween. I've known about this brand for years, but for some reason did not get around to buying them until now.

Philly Loves Lacquer SBP #303 (3 coats)

303 was the one I was most excited about because it had a duochome finish. It's more purple than green, but you can see lots of flashes of green at different angles. I would say it's more of a scattered than a linear holo finish, but it's fairly strong. All three of the polishes had the same formula and application so I'll just go ahead and talk about that here. I found the polish to be really thick and a little hard to work with. It sort of seemed like a gel. I went ahead and used some thinner on all of them and it helped immensely. I had to use 3 thick coats for full coverage for all 3 as well. 

 Philly Loves Lacquer SBP #315 (3 coats) 

315 is a straight up scattered purple holo polish with some small darker purple flakes in there as well. Very pretty, especially in sunlight! 

 Philly Loves Lacquer SBP #329

And lastly, 329 is a scattered coral holo color with darker coral flakes as well. It's basically the same type of polish as 315, but in a different color. I received several compliments from strangers on this polish.

Since these bottles are single bottle prototypes, you will not be able to find these in their store. I got this trio for $18 which is a good price. You can find out more about Philly Loves Lacquer on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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