Monday, March 21, 2016

Right on the Nail ~ Frenzy Polish Prototype Swatches and Reviews

Hi guys! Tonight continues the terrible shows I watch on Mondays as Dancing With the Stars comes back on. I don't really have anyone I want to watch this season, but I'll still give it a chance. Tonight I have 2 polishes you won't find anywhere else since they came as a part of the mystery grab bag. Even though you can't buy them, I wanted to give you guys a chance to see more of what Frenzy Polish has to offer in their discounted grab bags. Shall we get started?

Frenzy Polish Prototype 1 (3 coats)

These polishes don't have names so I'm going to be boring and call them Prototype 1 and 2. #1 is a scattered olive green holographic polish. It was a little sheer, but I had no issues with the application at all. It's too bad Rachel never released this one because it's pretty!

Frenzy Polish Prototype 2 (2 coats)

Prototype #2 is a dusty purple holographic polish with a scattering of larger silver flakes in the background. The larger flakes remind me of Hello Sweetie from Pahlish I showed a few weeks ago (just the flakes...not the polish itself since they are very different). I tried to get enough flakes to make them stand out, but I didn't have to go fishing for them. Like all Frenzy Polishes, the formula and application were great!

Most polishes retail for $9.50 and members of the Frenzy Foxes Facebook Fan Group do get access to special custom polishes if you are interested. Frenzy Polish is open again, but many items are sold out. No worries, I'm sure a restock is in the works. The Mystery Bag is still available for $25!

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