Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mace Polish November 2017 Duo Swatches and Reviews: Crunchy Leaves and Frosty Leaves

Hi guys! I'm still trying to catch up on sleep since I've been home. The weather has been super weird around here as well. Yesterday it snowed, and today it was in the 50s. Apparently there's a chance for snow this weekend, too! How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Tonight I have a duo from Mace Polish to show you. They are no longer on Etsy, so make sure to stop by their BigCartel site. It just so happens that a new 7-piece Disney Collection is releasing tomorrow, so don't forget to check that out. I don't see the duo I'm showing tonight on the website, but there are lots of other flakie polishes that are just as pretty. Shall we settle in for some swatches? 

Mace Polish Crunchy Leaves (3 coats)

Up first is the more fall-like color aptly named Crunchy Leaves. It's a brown jelly base with UCC flakes and a holographic microglitter finish. I happen to love brown polishes, but they can be polarizing. It applied well in 3 coats, but it does have a lot of texture. You'll need 1 coat of thicker topcoat, or 2 thinner ones to smooth it all out. I also recommend a peel-off basecoat if you can, because microglitter polishes can be a bit difficult to remove. 

Mace Polish Frosty Leaves (3 coats)

Frosty Leaves is just like Crunchy Leaves, except it has an icy blue base. Again, I used 3 coats for full opacity, and it is quite textured once dry. 

I'm not sure which I love more! I was lucky that I was able to purchase these as a duo. I don't know if Mace Polish discontinued their monthly duos because I no longer see them on the website. I do see several beautiful prototypes for sale though. Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for the A Whole New World Collection release. For more information on Mace Polish, you can find them on their website, Instagram, or Facebook page. 

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