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Noodles Nail Polish Holiday 2019 Collection Swatches and Reviews & Re-release of Santa's Cookies

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Hi guys! Daylight savings time started this past weekend, and I hate having to leave for work when it's dark and drive home in the dark. I'm going to feel like a vampire for the next few months. Tonight I have the Noodles Nail Polish Holiday Collection which is a 6-piece set featuring crellies and jellies...and if you know anything about Noodles, you know there has to be an abundance of glitter for good measure! It's not in the collage above, but the popular Santa's Cookies will be re-released with the holiday set as a 2.0 version. Unfortunately I don't have the original to compare, but hopefully Jodi from YouTube will be able to help with that. I'm so happy that Natalie posted a reminder that this collection will debut on Thursday, November 7th (instead of the normal Friday restocks) at 5 PM EST on the Noodles Nail Polish website. Each of the polishes will retail for $9.50, including Santa's Cookies 2.0. I couldn't stop taking pictures of these, so you know it's going to be a picture-heavy post. Without further ado, let's do this! 

Best Techniques for Removing Glitter

If you read my posts about Noodles, you'll see this little blurb posted each time. And if you can believe it, I do update this as I find new products I think would be helpful. Noodles Nail Polish are very glitter-heavy polishes, so I thought I'd mention the best techniques to remove glitter. Since they all contain glitter, they will dry with some texture, so I recommend at least 1 coat of topcoat. If you are especially sensitive to feeling your polish, make sure your topcoat is a thick one, or apply a second coat of a thinner one. I recently found a topcoat I plan on purchasing from Dollish Polish that is called Glitter Wrangler and can be used to handle pesky glitter. I also use peel-off basecoats to make removal a breeze. I recommend UNT Ready for Take Off, or Hit the Bottle Keepin' it Peel as they both work well (I am not affiliated with either site or brand...I'm just sharing the love). The UNT works better for my body chemistry as the Hit the Bottle will sometimes pop off during the day. If you want your polish to last a little longer, I completely understand. In that case, the foil method will work best for you when you're ready for a change. Clips like these are cheap and great for keeping the cotton balls in place. I hope this helps, and feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions you may have. 

Noodles Nail Polish Berry & Bright (3 coats)

Let's start this off right with Berry & Bright which is a plum-colored crelly base with loads of rose metallic flakes, and rose/caramel glitters. Another unexpected color combination of rose gold and plum, but it just works. I'm always curious how many prototypes Natalie goes through to make things just right when working with contrasting colors. This one applied well in three thin coats and it dried with texture from the glitter overload. 

Noodles Nail Polish Fizz the Season (3 coats)

We got a white glitter crelly this season! Fizz the Season (what an adorable name!) is a white crelly base with gold hexagonal glitter and gold flakes. There's nothing like a bit of bubbly around the holidays, especially New Year's, right? I went ahead and used 3 thin coats for my photos, but you may be able to get away with 2 if you are more generous with your coats, or have shorter nails. This is another one that dries with lots of texture, so check my recommendations above to help with that.

Noodles Nail Polish Get to the Poinsettia (2 coats)

You don't hear this often, but this red polish is one of my top picks from the collection! Red is just one of those colors that seems very ordinary, but leave it to NNP to add some dazzle and win me over. Get to the Poinsettia is a cranberry red jelly base with various sizes of hexagonal copper glitter and shimmer. This one is very saturated, so watch the polish around the cuticles because you could get some staining. I didn't have any staining on my nails or anything; it's more if you flood the nail bed with polish. 

Noodles Nail Polish License to Chill (2 coats)

Oh yes, another top pick from the collection! This is License to Chill which is a denim blue crelly base with silver holo flakes, small iridescent glitter, silver glitter, blue microshreds, and a slight scattered holo finish. This one is more flake-forward than the other polishes, so it dries with less texture than the others. This one is very wintery and icy. This is 2 thin coats and it applied like a dream. 

Noodles Nail Polish Rosé All Holiday (3 coats)

Who doesn't love an untraditional shade in a holiday collection? I was immediately shocked to see this beautiful pink shade in this set. Rosé All Holiday is a medium pink crelly base with tons of gold/copper glitter and shimmer. My skintone really brings out the gold in this one. I used 3 thin coats for this one, but you may be able to get with 2. This one also dries with texture, and will be difficult to remove. The formula was slightly thinner on this one compared to some of my other Noodles, but it was not problematic at all.

Noodles Nail Polish Santa's Cookies 2.0 (3 coats)

Santa's Cookies 2.0 is the one being re-released for the season and it's a cream-colored base with large and medium hexagonal glitter, and smaller red and green glitters. This one is basically a holiday cookies and creme polish and I adore it. Yup, this is another favorite, despite technically not being in the Holiday 2019 Collection. I don't have the original, but you can check out this post from Polish Those Nails to see the difference. I think I like the new version even more! The red and green glitter really stand out and the crelly base looks even milkier. This is 3 thin coats and it dried with texture from all the glitter. 

Noodles Nail Polish Son of a Grinch (3 coats)

And last, but certainly not least is Son of a Grinch which is a flakie bomb! It's described as a green-leaning turquoise jelly base with green/caramel/red hexagonal glitters and various shades of UCC shifting flakes. You can really see the hints of blue in the jelly base in the last photo. I'm a huge flakie fan, so you know this is a top pick for me. My favorite part is definitely the small red glitters popping through and sitting on top of the flakes. Since this is a jelly, I used 3 thin coats for full opacity, and it had a perfect formula. This one dried with texture, but it wasn't quite as difficult to remove because it had more flakes than glitter (flakes are notoriously easier to remove). 

There you have it everyone, another unique and colorful collection from Noodles Nail Polish! My top picks from the collection have to be Son of a Grinch, License to Chill, and Get to the Poinsettia. While not a part of the collection, I also recommend Santa's Cookies 2.0. Don't forget, these debut TOMORROW and not Friday on the NNP website. You can find out more about Noodles Nail Polish on their websiteInstagram pageFacebook page, and Facebook Fan Group.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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