Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Static Lacquer 2020 Stained Color Theory Collection Swatches and Reviews

*press samples*

Guys, remember years ago when OPI came out with their Sheer Tint set back in 2014? Here's a photo of them to refresh your memory: 

I know some people had issues with them changing color over time, and I'm so excited that Stacy from Static Lacquer is coming up with her version of sheer tints in primary colors to make any color you can imagine. Let your imagination flow while using these for your watermarbling, dry brush art, or reverse stamping. These will be available this Friday, May 8th at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST). Not just that, there's also a gorgeous silver holographic shade that can be used as a topper or base. Each polish will retail for just $8 each, or get the quad at a discounted price of $32 + shipping. Let's get a closer look at these. 

Static Lacquer Cyan (3 coats)

Keep in mind that these are to be used a color tints, and not full polishes. I used 3 thin coats for all my swatches, but these are slightly more opaque than my photos show. Bright lights used for blogging really brings out the VNL. While this one is called Cyan, it's more of a royal blue jelly to my eye. 

Static Lacquer Magenta (3 coats)

The next shade is Magenta, which is more of a cherry red to my eye. I found this one to be the most opaque of the 3, and I couldn't see any VNL with 3 coats. So squishy! 

Static Lacquer Yellow (3 coats)

It's not surprising that Yellow is the sheerest of the 3. My nails are slightly stained which is why the color is not quite as vibrant towards the tip. This is 3 coats, and VNL is evident. 

Static Lacquer Prismatic Silver Holo Base (3 coats)

1 coat Silver Prismatic Holo Base over 3 coats Cyan 

The Silver Prismatic Holo Base can be used as a base under the color tints, on its own in 3 coats, or as a topper over your favorite shade. You'll need a light hand if you use it as a topper as it is quite densely packed. So shiny! 

And here is just one look you can get using all 4 polishes. I used 2 thin coats of the Silver Prismatic Holo base followed by 2 thin coats of the 3 shades and overlapped them to get the rainbow look. I did not have the chance to water marble with these, but I did see a photo of a finished look, and they totally work. 

I absolutely love the many ways you can use these tints. I'm terrible at nail art, but I felt comfortable mixing these shades to make some fun looks. I think this is something that has been missing in the indie nail world, and I think these will be really popular. Don't forget, these release this Friday, so set a reminder. You can find out more about Static Lacquer on their websiteFacebookGroup, and Instagram pages.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*

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