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Noodles Nail Polish Fall Sightseeing Collection 2020 Swatches and Reviews

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Hi folks! I told you I'd be back tonight with the Noodles Nail Polish Fall Sightseeing Collection! Instead of the usually 6-piece set, Natalie gave us a collection with 8, all inspired by popular North Eastern towns to visit in the Fall. I'm gonna be totally honest with you: I've never been to any of these places ­čśČ I've been to lots of states in my day, but I've missed several states in the Northeast. I've heard that it's super popular for leafers in the fall. I lived in Knoxville, TN for about 5 years which is right next to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, so I got my leaf-seeing excursions there. The Fall Sightseeing Collection will be available tomorrow, September 25th at 5 PM EST and each polish will retail for just $9.50 each. Shall we get a closer look at them? 

Best Techniques for Smoothing Out and Removing Glitter *updated 9/23/20*

If you read my posts about Noodles, you'll see this little blurb posted each time. And if you can believe it, I do update this as I find new products I think would be helpful. Noodles Nail Polish are very glitter-heavy polishes, so I thought I'd mention the best techniques to remove glitter. Since they all contain glitter, they will dry with some texture, so I recommend at least 1 coat of topcoat. If you are especially sensitive to feeling your polish, make sure your topcoat is a thick one, or apply a second coat of a thinner one. 

I recently purchased a topcoat from Dollish Polish that is called Glitter Wrangler and can be used to handle pesky glitter. For the most glitter-dense polishes, I used a coat of Gelous followed by a coat of Glitter Wrangler and had completely smooth finishes. The other product I purchased from Polish Pickup a few months ago was from Esmaltes da Kelly called the Smooth and Shine Duo which had 2 toppers that you put over glitter to smooth it all out. This past month (August 2020), I purchased the Glisten and Glow Glitter Grabber and topcoat. They recommend waiting for the polish to dry before adding the Glitter Grabber, but it doesn't need to be completely dry. The topcoat is also on the thicker side which helps smooth it all out. Another product I just purchased was from Painted Phalanges called Smooth which smooths glitter. This one looks and feels completely different than all the others I've used previously. It does plump the nail, but it dries with a very matte finish, so you will need a topcoat to shine it back up. I used it for most of these swatches tonight. 

I also use peel-off basecoats to make removal a breeze. I recommend UNT Ready for Take Off, or Hit the Bottle Keepin' it Peel as they both work well (I am not affiliated with either site or brand...I'm just sharing the love). The UNT works better for my body chemistry as the Hit the Bottle will sometimes pop off during the day. If you want your polish to last a little longer, I completely understand. In that case, the foil method will work best for you when you're ready for a change. Clips like these are cheap and great for keeping the cotton balls in place. I hope this helps, and feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions you may have. 

Noodles Nail Polish Acadia (2 coats)

Wow, we are really starting out with a bang! Up first we have Acadia which is full of shifty goodness. It's a deep blue crelly base with gold/green/burgundy shifting shimmer, orange/gold and green/gold flakes, and gold hexagonal glitter. Honestly, there's so much shimmer and flakes that the blue color really takes a back seat. This one is definitely a top pick for me. It only needed 2 coats for full opacity and it dried with a little bit of texture (there's more flakes than glitter in this one). 

Noodles Nail Polish Manchester (2 coats)

Up next we have Manchester which is a rusty reddish brown crelly base with strong orange and copper shimmer, and gold, copper, and caramel glitters. This one reminds me of the color of fallen leaves. It was fairly opaque, needing just 2 coats. It dried with lots of texture, so make sure to check out my tips above. 

Noodles Nail Polish Nantucket (2 coats)

O.M.G. Nantucket is hands down my favorite of the collection. Just look at the color and the flakes! It's a vivid turquoise crelly base with orange/copper/caramel/pink glitters, and violet/red/orange/gold color shifting flakes. I was expecting it to need 3 coats, but I was happy with just 2. I'm so impressed by the amount of shades I was able to use just 2 coats in this set. It dried with some texture, so bust out that thicker topcoat. 

Noodles Nail Polish Providence (3 coats)

Natalie is killing me with all these beautiful fall shades! Providence is yet another top pick from the set. There's just something about that soft cream-colored base with those glitters that just calls to me. It's a yellow-based cream crelly base with orange/gold/green hexagonal glitters, and orange shimmer. It reminds me of a Thanksgiving place setting if that makes any sense. I think you could get away with 2 coats (and I think Jodi from Jodis Polish used just 2), but I used 3 thin coats for my photos. 

Noodles Nail Polish Salem (3 coats)

Salem is actually a glitter topper that can also be used alone. You all know I always try and use these on their own, so that's what I'm showing here. It's a clear-based flakie and glitter topper with strong copper shimmer, copper/orange/gold glitters, and gold/copper/green and red/green/gold color shifting flakes. Definitely check out some other bloggers to see this one over a base color. I'm sure Natalie will have photos of both on the website tomorrow. This one dried with lots of texture if used on its own, so check out my tips above to smooth it all out. 

Noodles Nail Polish Stowe (2 coats)

Up next we have Stowe, which is a vampy shade that is also a top pick. It's a berry colored jelly with a few copper holo glitters and tons of UCC and color-shifting flakes that shift between red/orange/copper/gold/green. The flakes sort of "glow" beneath the jelly base. I really love how squishy this one looks. It dried with less texture than I expected, and I used just 2 medium coats for full coverage. 

Noodles Nail Polish Sugar Hill (1 coat over a black base)

I've really been enjoying some of the polishes Natalie's made with these iridescent glitters. Put them over a dark base, and they just pop. Sugar Hill is clear-based glitter topper with orange/green iridescent glitters and gold glitters, and a touch of fine gold micro flakes. It was extremely glitter-dense, so 1 coat over any base color is plenty to wear. It dried quickly, but with texture from mall the glitter. 

Noodles Nail Polish Woodstock (2 coats)

And last, but certainly not least, we have Woodstock which is a taupe crelly base with strong gold shimmer and hexagonal gold glitter. The gold shimmer and glitter makes the base lean a bit more brown on my skin tone. This is one of those workplace appropriate colors that isn't your typical boring cream. I used 2 regular coats for full opacity and it dried with lots of texture from the larger glitter pieces. Bust out that thick topcoat for a smooth finish. 

There you have it, folks! I just have so many favorites from this collection. I'm sorry, I can't help it! My top picks have to be Acadia, Nantucket, Stowe, and Providence, but honestly, you can't go wrong with any of them. Natalie's favorite season is fall, and it's clear from what she came up with this year. Don't forget, the Halloween Trio and Fall Sightseeing Collections will be available tomorrow at 5 PM EST. You can find out more about Noodles Nail Polish on their websiteInstagram pageFacebook page, and Facebook Fan Group.

*These polishes were provided by the company or PR representative. All reviews are based solely on my opinion. For more information, please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the site*


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