Saturday, April 3, 2010

Color Club Poptastic Collection: Almost Famous and Twiggie

Color Club Almost Famous (3 coats) Ring Finger Twiggie (2 coats)

Today I have two colors from the Color Club Poptastic Collection that came out this spring. I bought the collection at Ross for $7.99, so if you have one near, definitely check it out! Up first is Almost Famous which is a bright lemon creme with a hint of orange in it. To change things up I decided to put an accent color on my ring finger so I went with Twiggie, which is a dupe of Rebel Debutante. I want to mention that this bottle is not the same one I am giving away for our April Giveaway which can be found here. I only have a few entries so far, so please feel free to sign up! Application was pretty standard for a yellow-thick and streaky and needed 3 coats to be even. 

Funny story about the day I wore this polish. I went into my advisor's office to show him some figures I had been working on for a paper. I was doing a lot of pointing, and he suddenly looks up at me and goes, "Just so you know, I have no idea what you are talking about because your nails are so distracting!" I'm pretty sure he meant that in a good way ;-) I love when things like that happen!


Tierney said...

I love these colors! They look awesome

WizardsOfBling said...

Cool! Good deal! Got me some too! Wait , I take it back. I got flower power. Must keep a look out for that one.

Unknown said...

love this 2 color !!